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P A Arnold


We pay honor to

Earl Edward Arnold

who died in Daytona Beach, Florida

9/11/1920 - 9/22/2008


Sound Gospel Preacher





 It would be impossible for me write anything "In Memoriam" to Earl Arnold better than his wife, P A , states here:

When he went into the Navy, he had been a deacon in the church of Christ in Memphis, Tn. On the ship's bulletin board out in the Pacific there appeared a notice, for someone to hold services for "other than Catholics." After multiple passes, he signed it, upon interview, told the Greek Catholic ship's captain that he would hold a service like the Bible records the first century Christian held in Jerusalem--Stoss: "Don't see how anyone could object to that," so the smoke lamp went out, radio silence, chaplain's flag went up, other ships sent over boatloads for services as he assumed the position of acting chaplain.

He preached in Canada, Athens, Greece, the Pacific, Mississippi, Tennessee, Michigan, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Florida, coming here originally in '67-'77, returning in '82. Finding the congregation in a deadend location with no room for expansion, the congregation obtained property, built, moving twenty miles north to Daytona Beach, "...without the loss of one." He spent 68 years as evangelist. He was actively involved with the Mt. Dora Christian Home and Bible School in a number of capacities, flying Bobby to be with us in Arkansas after we left Florida, and countless other efforts.

Re: children, I tell all to pick a number of their choice between one and twenty, and we can validate whatever number chosen with those who have shared our family, home, and love. You met Zona Hackett; Diane Cooper is daughter #1. I'm assuming you can't handle all the others' names--quite a clan!

As Hubby was becoming quite ill, the phone rang and a male voice asked, "Is this the Earl Edward Arnold from the LST647--I got the contact off of the USS Underhill website." Repeating the message for Hubby's hearing, he squealed out: "My song leader!" from those services on the ship: Pete Art, now in Texas. Earl was an Admiral in the US Navy Memorial's Quarterdeck Club.

My "Bionic Man" had the first spinal fusion in Halifax Hospital, putting a 5/8 inch dowel of hipbone in his throat, packing the site with bone dust and immobilizing for 21 days, after which he continued to play scratch golf. While still in his neck brace, sitting about four feet in front of him, interpreting for the deaf, to make an emphatic point, he reached up, grabbed the front of the brace, pulling it down to enable him to add emphasis, my hands went up, so afraid I was about to catch his head!

One year the holidays brought him a "Kangaroo Caddie," and on the first day out, he set the meter to carry his clubs to the next hole, which it did--but didn't stop...until it got to the next hazard, the lake! He stripped to his shorts, waded into the lake that cold January morning, and rescued every club, ball, bag, plus the Kangaroo! Come on now, wasn't even baptizing your Kangaroo a bit much? Ha!

He was in the area hospitals six days a week, visiting the sick, for all those years. His radio program was out of the New Smyrna radio station while here, an area rep for Herald of Truth while in Michgian and Florida. He served on the board of the Volusia Hearing Society, recognized nationwide for services to the deaf and their families. Following "The Footsteps of Jesus."

When a woman is about to have a baby, and Daddio isn't available, who do they call? The preacher! One call came in about 2:00 a.m., and Carol announced she was going to have a baby--we thought she had known that for a time! Hubby slept with shoes and pants in a fireman's mode, and the car was never put away without a full tank. He cupped the phone and said, "This may take a while, and you have school in a few hours. Go back to sleep." He asked Carol how long they had, and she said, "No time to stop for coffee!" You had better believe it, girl! He barreled down Detroit's Gratiot Avenue at unmentionable speeds, arriving at Women's Hospital, where the attendant said, "I'll park your car; you go with your wife!" "But she's not my wife..." The orderly wheeled the chair and said, "I'll take her to the labor room. You go, register your wife." "But she's not my wife...." The crowning blow was several hours later, when the OB comes to him in scrubs in the waiting room: "Congratulations! You have a son!" And that doctor was also my doctor--I never let him forget that goof! Then there was the woman who called, in southern Florida, saying a birth was imminent. She was a very large woman, with a broken leg, so a stop was made to swap cars with a church member having a station wagon, pulling her up, into the back end. They stopped for "Worthless" and ran the canal roads to the hospital.

He is the subject of "Ol' Time Preacher Man."

Such precious memories enrich our lives! Thanks for an occasion to trip down memory lane! P.A.


My thanks to P A!. John D. Arnold

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