Oh! My Lord and Savior


As I read your word that is so precious and true

I wonder why this world will not believe you.

It is a plain as anything in the model you trace

Is a pattern for life for all to keep earthly pace?

This earth shows your handiwork of heavenly design

Everything in order can't they see? Are they blind?


A beautiful bird with motion, feathers and speed

Shows your love and even them you feed.

Flowers get the dew of a night's damp air

And butterflies have their own affair.

All eeding you Lord to keep us alive.

Under your wing we live and thrive.


What we do with ourselves should be for you

Communion, your Church, prayers done by few

But your word stands strong year after year

So to you I sing praises, for you to hear.


By: Patricia Anderton 3/8/15