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In Citrus County, Lecanto, Florida?
Is your child struggling in present studies?

We have dedicated teachers

providing a learning experience
that challenges, motivates and supports
your child’s success
in the classroom and beyond.

Instruction available in
Reading is the most fundamental building block a student must possess. Let us help your child to read fluently and with comprehension. This is a program to teach students how to concentrate and focus.

· Phonics and Decoding: Spelling:
· Vocabulary: Comprehension:

· Basic knowledge of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, paragraph structure, and essay development instruction will provides students with the proper skill to excel in all aspects of writing.

· Math Fundamentals (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
· Computation
· Problem Solving 

Instructors include:
Ms Mae Lewis, Retired Elementary Teacher
Mr. John D. Arnold, Retired Elementary Teacher

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