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January 11, 2015

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 Russian/Ukrainian Ministry - - April 5, 2013
Ps 145:13b - The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. NIV
What is the Russian/Ukrainian Ministry?

This ministry is an organized effort to take the gospel to the people of Russia and Ukraine. It began in 1990 when American missionaries were first permitted to enter and teach the Bible. On a trip that year I was allowed to distribute Bibles in Moscow and to preach for a small church in Slavyansk, Ukraine. The enthusiasm with which the Russians and Ukrainians received the Word convinced me that I should return to share the gospel as widely as possible.

The primary focus of the ministry is to evangelize people in Russia and Ukraine.
During the past 23 years - with the help of hundreds of American Christians - the following
components of this ministry have been made possible: Preaching and teaching children and adults - While the population in some cities is shrinking, and young people go elsewhere for higher education and employment, they spread the Word wherever they go.
Summer Bible Day Camps for school-age children (similar to VBS in USA) Provision of meals for destitute children.
Benevolence (food, clothing, coal) to impoverished individuals, especially widows and orphans Provision of wheelchairs and other equipment to help children and adults with disabilities.

Feeding destitute children in Dzerzhinsk
At the urgent request of teachers and principals at schools in the part of Dzerzhinsk where the church meets, we have undertaken an effort to provide daily meals to the children who are the most needy. These meals are not sumptuous but nutritionally sound: typically, a small serving of potatoes/macaroni/grain, meat (e.g., half a hotdog) or half an egg, small slice of bread, and a cup of tea. The cost is equivalent to a dollar a meal. We currently feed 170 children each school day, This program has led to recognition by the whole city for its example of generosity and benevolence -real Christianity. This recognition has enabled the church to teach the Bible in public schools, an unprecedented privilege that no other church enjoys.

The Summer Bible Day Camp in Ukraine
Each year the ministry conducts a summer Bible Day Camp in Dzerzhinsk. We enroll about 150 school-age children in classes that are taught by Americans, with the aid of native speakers who are mostly university students studying English. The American team is made up of adults, ranging from college students to retired persons. This year we need 4 more adults to round out the teaching team. Some financial assistance is available to qualified applicants. JOIN THE TEAM!

How is the ministry funded?
The ministry is dependent on contributions from many churches and individuals. The majority of the funding for feeding destitute children comes from individuals. Members and visitors may contribute by making their checks payable to "Meridian Woods Church of Christ," with designation for "Ukraine." The mailing address is as follows:
Meridian Woods Church of Christ
Attention Bill Wharton
Gainesville FL 32608

Additional information is available by telephone or e-mail: Cell-352-359-4222; Home 352-372-9202 Or

Thank you for your support in prayers and offerings.
A Ministry supported and overseen by the Elders of the Meridian Woods Church of Christ,Tallahassee, Florida, with additional support from other churches of Christ and individuals.