Beam me up


This is Sunday a special day of the week

To set aside worldly things and into heaven I see.

Not that other days I do not fill y cup, but

Sunday is the day "Jesus", you were lifted up.


If I could have been your disciple with this event

In my perfect view-

How could I not tell everyone, strangers and everyone I knew.

I still am a disciple with your words in my written book,

Now tattered and worn so tht nothing I will overlook.


Lord, you may call me to your rest anytime you choose-

You even paid my ticket so my space I will not lose.

I know your rest in heaven is a surety

And earth was never planned for man's security.


Earth's beauty fills me, with all its bourdaries of sky,

land and see to behold.

But, for a needless day on this earth, "my ticket"

Cannot be sold.


by: Patricia Anderton 10/28/2013