Betty Darnell Arnold Bozard passes


We pay honor to

Betty Darnell Arnold Bozard

who died in Orangeburg, S.C.

September 13, 1934 - March 3, 2011


Ms. Arnold is survived by her children

Susan, Ryan, Jerry, Mike, Paul and Pattie.


Preceeded in death by her husband

James Ryan Arnold

Raymond Bozard

She is survived by his brothers

Raymond A. Arnold, John D. Arnold,

and Floyd C. Arnold


She is survived by three sisters

Carolyn and James Gray

Birdie and John Williams

Annie Mae Creech

One brother

Gary Gray

14 Grandchildren

23 great-grandchildren

1 great-great-grandchild



Susan, Betty (Front)

Libby, Betty, Marie, Susan


Susan Arnold Ethridge, Ryan Arnold, Mike Arnold, Jerry Arnold,

Pattie Arnold Gilham, Paul Arnold, and Uncle John D. Arnold




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