Remember in Prayer On Our Sick List

If you would like to request prayer or know of someone who you would like to be remembered in our prayers, (Or be listed here)
please call, 386-208-4967 or e-mail at the above address.




He is the Minister of the Dunnellon Church of Christ in Dunnellon, Florida


Those in the Dunnellon Congregation

Lu Nail continues to need our prayers at the loss of her spouse, Geral Nail.

Dianne Blain continues with ongoing medical issues.

Mel Blain is recovering from wrist surgery.

Charlie Snyder (Father of Diane Blain) has prostate cancer diagnosis and is going through treatment.

Shelly Sweeney has a fractured disk and needs our prayers.

Claudia Simpson ask for us to remember her Uncle and Aunt Wendel and Mary Jo Locklear in North Carolina. He has metastiatic cancer found in his leg fractured last week and she has end stage heart failure. Both are at home with hospice and family and are trying to get into a care center. Please, pray for them!

Mary Schlachter: Just to let you know that Mary Schlachter is now home. Her son, David is there with her now and she will have visits from home health and the therapists several times during the week, but It will be a long recovery time for her. She also has back up assistance from neighbors and other family members but promised to call on us if she needs additional assistance. Please continue to keep Mary in your prayers.

Claude Bowman continues to be in need of our prayers as he deals with his medical problem. Eric Bowman, his son, remains by his side.

Marie and Patrick Sullivan and family need our prayers. Marie and baby James are doing well. Congratulations of Patrick, Marie, Steve, Karen, Shawn, Sara and Don Sullivan.

Sick of 5th Street Congregation - Crystal River

Eddie Adkins continues with ongoing medical issues. He had surgery for a mass on his bladder and Phyllis, his wife, says he is doing good. Pray for his continued recovery. They are back and forth from Blue Creek, Ohio and Yankeetown, Florida.

Veara Stephens continues with medical issues as she deals with treatment of the cancer.

Rich Rynolds is to undergo Open Heart Surgery soon. Remember him in your prayers.


Joe Rhodes, brother of Cathy Chastain is dealing with cancer in his lungs, we have been told, so, Please pray for him. He begins treatment June 17th.

Betty Paganio is dealing with cancer issues.

She is the niece of Patrick Traynor. Please prayer for Betty and Patrick.

Jeanette Walker is dealing with medical issues dealing with MDS (Blood Cancer) and is in need of our prayers. She lives in Henderson, Tennessee. She recently became a friend of John Arnold when he visited family in Finger, Tennessee.

Gospel Preacher Darrell Cope has found out that he is dealing with medical issues dealing with cancer. He is living in Post Falls, Idaho.


Please remember in your prayers, STEVE CLARK, who is battling pancreatic cancer. I met Steve and his Sister, Cheryl Garcia, last week when we were on a Ride the Rails trip , in the West Virginia Mountains. They were awesome to be with and to share memories. Please, remember Steve in your prayers.

Remember in prayer those shut-in or in the Nursing Homes.

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